Rogue Male Grooming

Rogue Male Grooming Products are for modern men concerned with thier appearance. Men are increasingly spending more on grooming and beauty products however the range available on the market has not kept upto demand.

Rogue Male Grooming offers 9 products all catering to different daily needs of a modern, successful man. Each product has been created with an emphasis on fast results, strong fragrance and unique attributes.

All our products are scented with our Signature Rogue Fragrance which has been manufactured, tried and tested in a world leading fragrance house.

Target Market

The range covers basic daily essentials for mass market appeal for instance body wash and shampoo. This allows rogue to open up its target market indefinitely, rogue can appeal to most men concerned with appearance.

Regardless of this the target age range is youthful men in their 20's to 30's which have the highest expenditure on grooming products.


Our main focus to appeal to our target market is having a clear and simple product range that works. We feel the male consumer is more concerned with results and is more likely to vacate a brand if results are not acheived.

  • Packaging needs to look smart, practical and not over the top alienating the consumer.
  • Distinguished and recognisable fragrance. Research suggests male consumers in our demographics recept to a strong smelling fragrance as it makes them more desirable to the opposite sex.
  • Unique selling points for every product

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