Cougar Beauty Products / CB&CO

Cougar Beauty/CB&CO is making waves in the retail beauty sector. Appealing to a large female demographic, listening to the needs of our customers, responding with amazing product lines that guarantee results and are natural in an ever eco-friendlier world, is the criteria of creating an ever-growing company in a world full of competition.  

Cougar Beauty/CB&CO has an offering of hundreds of niche, innovative products that are all unique and focused on fast acting results. All products within the Cougar/CB ranges have strong active ingredients and always are of the highest concentrate to offer the beauty market fast results whilst also being completely safe to use with no damaging side effects to the human body.

Target Market

Cougar beauty's core strength is the anti-ageing market. Anti-ageing applies to a large demographic group (women over 25 concerned with their appearance). This demographic on average spends in excess of £1000 on anti-ageing routines, devices and products every year. This group of consumers are open to trying new techniques and products to achieve the best results, and we are the perfect brand in supplying consumers with innovative products to fulfil their every need.

CB&CO is a range made primarily for the younger female audience, targeting ages 16 - 25, specialising in more of the colour cosmetic side of the beauty industry.


Our strategy is to tap into this group of consumers. By appealing to them through our packaging, excellent product range, Unique selling points, fast acting results and simple effective marketing.

Our marketing and PR strategy is often the most important aspect of a beauty brand, Cougar Products has a diverse marketing plan online promoting the products for our partners and taking direct sales. The Cougar beauty website has thousands of daily orders. Offline marketing includes editorials with leading beauty magazines, radio leaflet distribution and much more. 

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