Who we are

Rosdon Group started by Paula Dunne, a business woman who had been involved in all different forms of trading. She spent years of her life creating businesses, big and small, all over the world, but wanted to create something that could be carried on. The inspiration of the name 'Rosdon' is from her Grandparents, Rose and Gordon Fowler. Rose, a stay at home Mother and Gordon, a WW2 Army Veteran. 

Where we come from

Our offices, factory & warehouses are currently residing in the Leeds Bradford Area, West Yorkshire, although we do have operating warehouses all over the world such as USA, Canada and UAE. Cities and towns like Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Sheffield were once the global centre of manufacturing and exporting goods all over the world, and this is something we want to try bring back to the UK. 

Due to the long heritage of manufacturing processes and production in these cities with constant strive for improvement, the UK is often known to offer the highest quality of production. 

How we are different

After viewing and testing many beauty manufacturers from all over the world, we are proud to mention all our products are made in the UK. We believe quality is the key to longevity in business therefore we strive for high quality ingredients. 

We are proud to say we are completely cruelty free. As all of our products are formulated and manufactured in the UK, none of our products have or ever will be tested on animals. It is against the law, in the UK and all European countries, to test on animals which is something we are more than happy to support.

Unique offerings separate us from our competition. A key focus for any product is that it works. Our products always have the highest legally allowed concentrate of active ingredient and the best quality active’s to ensure the best and safest results for our customers. 

Rosdon Group today is a holding business ranging from property, clothing, merchandise and beauty products, still maintained as a family business, with more than four generations working within.

We have operating warehouses and manufacturing plants all over the world, from the UK all the way to the Middle East & the US.